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Applicants Manager
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Version: 2.0
Setup Package Size: 4.7 MB
Language supported: Arabic/English
Applicants Manager 2.0

- Organize and store employment applications (CVs) submitted to your Company.

- Categorize and classify the applicants.

- Mechanization of applicants data and their examinations.

- Build up a huge Database for a long period to be retrieved and used later on.

- build up an examination log for each applicant and search for old applicants records.

- Count results of interviews and tests carried out by more than departement for each applicant.

- The ability to make more than one test or evaluation of each applicant during the time periods.

- Instantaneous integrated statistics and detailed information on applicants (Applied, Tested, Not Tested, Approved, Not Approved, Males or females)

- Work on the program through the network devices to work at the same time for more than one user.

- Backup of the database.

- Privileges of users of the program starting from the registration of applicants, Examinations, evaluation and results through three levels:
  (Secretaries to enter data of the applicants - departments to test applicants - senior management to evaluate/approve/employ and fix appointments/Interviews)

- Advanced Search for applicants data.

- Registration of all applicants documents scanned in the database to be used later by keeping an electronic image of Documents for all applicants and employees.

- Processing of groups tests and personal interviews.
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