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Golden Filter Premium. v3.1 - FREEWARE
Safe Internet Browsing

Golden Filter Premium. v3.1 Safe Internet browsing filter to be used at:

Home, Internet Coffee, Companies, Schools, Public Libraries and Universities to control computers and Internet for preventing teenagers from watching inappropriate contents. Including the following:

Restricted words to shut down any browser tab if its site contains such words (all supported Browsers)
Restricted Sites (Live Update Ability to add sites to be prevented later)
Restricted Software; Hiding your important Folders
Monitoring user's activities (Capture the screen and to play the show as administrator later on)

Important notes: Default Administrator's password is "admin" should be changed after installation.
Golden Filter is hidden by default ( F10 to show & F9 to hide).
Golden Filter can't be uninstalled except from inside the software.

Blocking technology:
Very dynamic as the user has the ability to change the program target whichever contents to Block by adding its words and in case of sites that are not of obvious nature there is ability to Add whole web site address to block.

The new version 3.1 enables the user to export any of the lists whether words or sites or software to a text file which can be edited by any text editor and reload on the program to start with.

Screenshot recording:
Very easy to use, retrieve all saved data, giving the ability to user to choose the required storage partition and interval between each shot.

Options features:
Some options helping the user to control the activity of the program such as:

- Hide/show splash screen
- Change program shortcuts
- Choose between 3 options of blocking alert
- Ability to shut down the entire browser or only the current tab in case of content blocked.
- Has two user languages enabled
- Can temporarily disable filtering
- Live update is available


Avoid watching inappropriate contents on the internet.