Only Bank/Wire transfer method is available at the time being for processing your payments,
To send a requesition please click here..

Purchase Order should include the following information in order to complete purchasing process:

       * PC ID given by Software.
       * Name/Company/Email/Address.
       * Numbers of licenced copies required.
       * Scanned copy of transmission Swift.

Be aware that bank transfers can take up to three to five business days to be processed, however our commitement is to provide FULL version activation code once we receive an order confirmation along with bank transmission swift within 12 to 24 Hours from order receiving.

You will be given a full version activation codes which correspond to your PCs fingurprints, these codes will be working normally unless remittance is halted, cancelled or not completely received, then such code will be automatically void/cancelled and respectively the copy will not continue to work.
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